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The world of connected devices is rapidly growing, and transforming. New technologies, frameworks and vendors are entering the space all the time, and providing many exciting opportunities to those interested in automating their world. 

With this opportunity comes complexity, and threats. The security of these technologies is often lacking, and it can be difficult to know what to look for, or how to protect your investments and your privacy. On top of that concern is the difficulty in navigating a field of competing technologies to achieve the desired results.

LinkdHOME endeavours to be a single source of useful information, current events, and advice for those wanting to explore the Internet of Things in their personal lives. 

While I am an Amazon Associate and earn from qualifying purchases, I offer all discussed products equally where available and without specific endorsement.


About the Author

David Mead is a 20 year IT Operations veteran with broad experience across infrastructure, end user devices and networking solutions. David has worked in government, corporate and non profit sectors gaining a diverse perspective and developing a keen interest in connected devices and information security.


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