Moon smart camera successfully launches initial crowdfunding campaign

The Moon smart camera/do-it-all device from start-up 1-Ring is starting to get a lot of attention from the tech press. After an initial social media blitz the product failed to get much notice outside of smart home specialist blogs, but since the launch of their IndieGoGo campaign things are heating up. With features now popping up in the likes of CNET, The Huffington Post, and Motherboard, the Moon camera is starting to look a lot more credible.

I’ve been sceptical of the product since my first look at their advertising a few months back, basically because the offering is extensive. 1-Ring is claiming a raft of features and integrations which are ambitious, to say the least. Indeed, the Moon is looking to try and place itself as a smart home hub in it’s own right, supporting Zigbee, Z-Wave, BTLE and even boasting an IR Blaster to control the less smart things in your home remotely.

Since the campaign launch the 1-Ring team have been regularly highlighting features through Twitter posts, which are certainly starting to look a lot more real. Here's a selection of some of those tweets. Of particular interest is the apparently live demo from 1-Ring's CEO.

The levitating camera has certainly grabbed people’s attention. It’s a unique gimmick if nothing else, but promises to provide smooth camera panning and tracking of detected sounds. That would be a powerful feature from a security standpoint, and is unique in the smart camera space. I do have to wonder what the power draw is to keep that ball levitating though, especially if it’s permanently hovering while operating. 

The Moon has a lot to offer, if they can pull it off we could be looking at a major shakeup in the smart home device market. It will be interesting to see if other device makers are compelled to offer more feature packed products in return. Of course, that will depend on whether 1-Ring can deliver, and sustain their business model. They aren’t looking to offer any subscription service as with other camera vendors, and instead offer local storage and cloud integration via third parties (Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc). This raises questions in itself. Do you want to give an IoT device write access to your cloud storage? How is the stored video managed? It's easy to imagine filling up your storage space with video events.

The Moon is still a bit of an enigma, full of promise and even more questions. Security will also be of interest. With so much connectivity, the Moon could be pivotal in the smart home environment, and thus a valuable target. Start ups such as 1-Ring have a reasonable history with getting this right, probably because their success lives and dies with a single product. The biggest security fails have so far come from consumer brands and not dedicated device makers. Still, this is something I’ll be talking a look at when we can get our hands on one. 

Image: 1-Ring Inc. 

Image: 1-Ring Inc. 

The product has already raised $148,000 of a $45,000 goal. Interestingly only 12 of the 97 standard packages have been claimed, with much of the funding coming from higher end packages (multiples and accessories). The standard packages are going for US$219 (33%off) so you can still jump in if you’re interested.

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