Ring announces two new doorbell products

Video doorbell maker Ring has recently announced two new products to add to their connected video doorbell line. The first is the Video Doorbell 2, an up-revved version of the successful Ring Video Doorbell. This is most assuredly an evolutionary upgrade. The new version improves three areas on the original from 2014.

  1. The video resolution has increased from 720 to 1080

  2. The internal battery is now removable for charging via a removable faceplate

  3. The faceplate can be changed out for a wider variety of finishes to match your decor

That's pretty much it. There's some improvements to the night vision functionality, but the software side remains pretty much as-is and despite the faceplate change, the physical appearance is basically the same. The removable battery is a small convenience improvement, and should allow for increased longevity (assuming Ring opts to sell the batteries separately). If you already have a Ring Video Doorbell, though, you're not really missing out. If you're outside the US, this is especially so, as the release is US-only for some reason. (non US readers will get an error on the link above as a result)

Image courtesy TechCrunch

Image courtesy TechCrunch

The second announcement is the Ring Video Doorbell Elite. This one is targeted at professional installers and is a key part of Ring's partnership with home builder Lennar. The Elite is a flush mount model, their first such device. It's designed to be installed into a junction box in the wall as opposed to mounted on the surface. A key benefit here is that the Elite offers Power of Ethernet connectivity, in additional to the usual WiFi options of previous models.

In typical Ring fashion, the power, mounting kit, and Ethernet cables are included in the box (both 1m and 9m), and it comes in 4 color options. The only downside is that the field of view is less than the regular Ring Video Doorbell, at 160 degrees instead of 180. I assume this is a result of the lower profile of the unit. Other features are the same across the board. That PoE connectivity comes at a hefty premium though, the Elite is on sale now.