EverCam promises security coverage during blackouts

Smart device maker eufy is currently crowdfunding their EverCam product on Kickstarter. It’s doing fairly well, at 4600% of their funding goal. Yes, you read that right. 46 times the $50k target. This is not to be confused with this Evercam (seriously, google your product name before going within it).

When I first saw this product I was, admittedly, underwhelmed. On the face of it there didn’t seem to be anything particularly noteworthy about the EverCam that other smart camera makers hadn’t already done. On closer inspection, however, there is one key feature that is of great interest, and that is the approach to video storage.

Yes, the much touted Anker long life battery is a selling point, but long life in the camera battery is only half the equation. The EverCam relies on a hub for it’s connectivity and storage, similar to the NertGear Arlo range, but the kicker here is that the EverCam hub includes a it’s own backup battery and utilises a hybrid wireless communication system using low frequency spectrum when not transmitting video. What eufy calls HybridWave technology allows the camera/hub pair to reduce battery usage, and is claimed to give the hub 2 days of operation in the event of a power outage. 

This gets around a significant weakness with typical smart cameras. While they largely operate on battery themselves, they all require WiFi connectivity to either a powered hub or the internet in order to actually function. Unless your wireless router is on a UPS to allow it to run during an power outage, you’re not going to be getting anything from those cameras until the power comes back. 

The other point on interest is the level of smarts eufy is claiming to have built into the device. Some competing products offer various combinations of person detection and facial recognition, but the latter is only through their cloud subscription services. The implication with the EverCam is that this is built into the camera (or the hub at the least) meaning it’s all local. The combination of smarts and local storage without the need for a subscription is an appealing prospect to many, particular those with cloud trust issues.

Of course, any product that doesn’t rely on a subscription revenue stream raises questions about it’s ongoing longevity, but at least you don’t have to worry about the product being bricked if the provider goes bust. 

The feature set to the EverCam is impressive, and places it in a compelling position relative to the other established outdoor smart cameras. I’ve pulled a feature list together to show how they stack up. The various features appeal to different use cases and personal priorities, but the EverCam actual nails a broad cross section.

Outdoor Smart Camera Comparison

Outdoor Smart Camera Comparison