GARDENA adds promised HomeKit support to Smart System

European garden products manufacturer GARDENA announced at CES 2019 that HomeKit support would be coming to the range of smart garden products (known as the GARDENA Smart System). In a refreshing move that support has already rolled out to the Gateway device that provides connectivity to the other devices in the range. Where it is typical for makers to take a year or more to deliver on HomeKit announcements, it’s nice to see one get on with it in a timely fashion.

The Smart System range is an interesting modular smart garden solution, and includes not only irrigation controls, but soil sensors, power outlets and robot lawnmowers. Obviously HomeKit support is limited to devices that have functionality the is supported by HomeKit device classes. This includes the smart Water Control, a tap controller, smart Irrigation Control, a 6 station 24v irrigation controller, and the smart Power Adaptor.

The latter is interesting as it’s the first HomeKit supported outdoor 220v power outlet the I’m aware of. There are a few other outdoor plugs available, but they only support 120v (officially at least). In this case, the Smart Adaptor comes in a type F socket configuration for the European market.

The one other device in the Smart System range getting HomeKit support, it reportedly the smart Sensor. This sensor is integral to smart watering control in the system, and is included in all Smart System starter sets. It measures not only soil moisture, but also outside temperature and light intensity to determine the watering requirements suitable to the current conditions. How much of that is supported in HomeKit is uncertain. The HomeKit specification supports light intensity and temperature easily enough, but only supports water values pertaining to leak detection and filtration.

While the gateway firmware has rolled out now, customers are advised to ensure the individual devices are also updated to ensure support is added. GARDENA Smart System devices are available in select retailers, and from European Amazon stores. The smart Power Adaptor is not currently available in the UK store, but can be found in the German store.