4 Building Security Tips Before Buying Your Next Apartment

Regarding apartment hunting, air conditioning is the most sought-after amenity. However, you should also be looking for top-tier security to help you feel safe and secure in your new place.

So, what are the best security features to look for in your next apartment?

Keep reading as we discuss the top 4 building security tips before buying your next apartment. These tips and security technologies will help you to feel protected without inconvenience.

4 Building Security Tips For Your Next Apartment

When you move homes, you need assurance that you will be comfortable and happy in your new place. You could regret your decision to move if you feel unsafe at home. So, here are the best security tips to look for in your next apartment.

Touchless Access Control

An access control system is the cornerstone of apartment security. You need to know that only authorized people can access your building. Touchless access control is a convenient and cloud-based solution that keeps intruders out of your building whilst allowing you to enter conveniently.

Touchless access control has the following benefits for tenants living in apartments:

  • Convenient touchless entry - touchless access control uses cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFI communication methods. By using remote communication methods, you enter the building without presenting your access device in front of the reader. If you wave your hand in front of the access reader, this will trigger remote communication with your mobile device, allowing you to enter quickly and conveniently.

  • A more hygienic solution - touchless access control allows you to enter your building without touching anything, which means you are less likely to contract germs from touchpoints like door handles and pin pads.

  • Remote operation - if you get locked out of your apartment building one day, you don’t have to worry. Since touchless access control is a cloud-based solution, your building manager can open doors remotely using a mobile application. Simply call your building manager; they can open the door instantly without traveling to the location. This feature means you won’t become vulnerable if you get locked out late at night.

Touchless access control is a must-have feature in an apartment building you’re considering. Technology makes your daily life seamless and ensures your security.

Video Surveillance

One of the critical vulnerabilities in any access control system is the potential for a third party to steal access credentials and use them to gain access to the building. You can ensure that this is no longer a risk with a video surveillance system like CCTV monitoring.

Video surveillance helps provide proof of a crime that occurs on your property, and it also helps discourage criminals from entering the building. But, when paired with access control in a video intercom reader or peephole camera, video surveillance can also be used to verify the identity of those entering the building.

A video intercom reader combines both high-definition video and touchless access control. You can view video feed information and access logs on one user-friendly interface that you can view from anywhere. With this technology, your building managers can ensure that only users with express permission can enter your building. To ensure proper installation and integration with your other security tools, make sure your building manager uses certified security system integrators to comply with your security needs.

Seamless Visitor Check-In

When you’re living in your new apartment, you will likely have many visitors. Your visitors will need to be able to enter your building without a key. To ensure all visitors are logged in and out of the building correctly, your building managers can implement visitor management software.

Visitor management software integrates with access control. It provides all visitors with digital registration forms they must fill out before entering the building. Once they have filled out this digital registration form, they will gain temporary access credentials to enter the building. When they leave, the access system will automatically sign them out and revoke their access credentials so they cannot re-enter the building.

One Access Credential For All Spaces

Your building will need access control to prevent intruders from entering the building. But, it will also need internal access control. Access to individual apartments and on-site amenities should be restricted.

Only you will have the key to your apartment. However, your building manager will need one ‘master key’ access credential to enter your apartment and the other apartments in the building. In an emergency, or simply to let in a contractor to fix something in your apartment, your building manager will need to access your apartment without you present.

With touchless access control and smart door locks throughout the building, your building manager can possess one access credential to operate all doors.


In your new home, you shouldn’t just be looking for plenty of natural light and killer interior design; you should also look for modern and sophisticated building security that will help you feel safe. With these building technologies, you will have more convenience and safety in your new home. Keep an eye out for these security features in the apartments you’re considering.