These Electronics are Almost a Must-Have in Every Oregon Home

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Living in Oregon can be a pretty awesome lifestyle choice. The wineries are appealing, the local scenery is admirable, and the locals are amicable. A perfect balance for the perfect life. The houses - even better.

That being said, if you reside in Oregon (or plan on doing so, because why not?), here are some pieces of tech that are a must-have. Safe to say, if you have a home, you must have these too.

1. Perfect Drink Pro

Why live in Oregon if you don’t know how to conduct a house party, right? This is where the Perfect Drink Pro comes into play. Whether you want to check up on your liquor cabinet, or want to make the best whisky sour you can—the Perfect Drink Pro is going to be your best friend.

How does this work, you might ask? Simple. The device also has an associated app which you can find on any app store. Once you link the app it links to the smart scale which guides you through on screen cocktail recipes. The device will make its patented tone when an assigned amount of alcohol has been poured, making it easy to measure out perfectly without jiggers or pourers.

Moreover, you can choose your recipe using the app, and the device will help you with it. Be prepared to have the most lavish house parties, now that you have this Perfect Drink Pro!

2. Nest Protect

Getting the party started is all well and good, but what if, in the midst of all this, you forget to keep track of your immediate surroundings? The Nest Protect is the second iteration of its already impeccable smoke detector. The Nest Protect comes with a CO sensor as well, so you’re covered for gas leaks too. The app will let you know based on its algorithms what is going on, where, and what to do about it.

One of the most prevalent causes of smoke is, you guessed it right, fire. With its thermostat counterpart, the Nest Protect can help detect fast and slow fires, thereby preventing a debacle.

While we are at it, you ought to also ensure that other measures are taken, lest a fire does break out. One of them is insurance. Luckily when it comes to home insurance in Oregon, there are good options to be found to suit your needs and budget.

3. Smart Lights, Smarter Shutters

Coming back to the same party (is Oregon just about that life?), another thing that you absolutely need are smart lights, and smart shutters.

When it comes to smart lights, there are some pretty reasonable options out there. How do these lights help? Simple. First, they are pretty energy efficient. Energy isn’t the cheapest in Oregon, and it makes all the more sense to shift to smarter lighting. The next reason would be longevity. LED lights last longer, and smart lights are LED base, so why not take advantage of those extra features.

Having smart shades can be pretty useful as well, with the ability to automate your window coverings to open and close based on time of day, occupancy, daylight and so forth. Of course the convenience of controlling all your shades with your voice is an added bonus.

4. IQ Electric Range

Oregon is getting smarter by the day, and if you reside there, your home equipment should too. The IQ electric range not only packs touch controls, but also comes packed with other features like self-cleaning options, 5 radiant elements, dual convection ovens, and also a warming drawer.

Nightlife aside, good cooking appliances can save time both getting that perfect roast, or even with cleaning. With plenty of heating elements and Perfect Taste Dual Convection, you will save a great deal of time without compromising on quality.

5. GeniCan

After you have made your meals, you will probably need to dispose of some waste. This is where the GeniCan comes into play. It can be installed into your garbage bin, and helps you add items to your grocery list after seeing what you have disposed of.

When life get busy you it’s easy to overlook things that need to be restocked. Maybe you can’t remember what to get, but GeniCan.

6. Bluetooth Grills

Shifting focus on the outside, Bluetooth grills are a thing of the present now. If grilling indoors is too banal, take it outside. You will find sous vide instruments in Oregon (sous vide is basically slow-cooking in vacuum at higher temperatures) in abundance.

How does Bluetooth come into play? It helps to keep track of the time and temperature so you don’t have to stand around checking on things all the time.

7. Electric Soil Testers

Now that we have shifted outside, let’s talk about the soil tester. For the ardent gardener in Oregon who wishes to grow their well-renowned artichokes and asparagus, the electric soil testers are worth the shot.

If you browse correctly, you might even come across their 4-in-1 testers too. These testers measure:

  • Moisture

  • Soil pH

  • Temperature

  • Most appropriate direction for optimum sunlight

As you might have guessed, these are super important aspects in order to ensure optimum growth of your garden. The device is abnormally small, but its utility is massive. If you are in Oregon, we urge you to try this out.

8. The Doorbell

Finally, to sum it all up, the classical doorbell has a touch of modernity. The smart doorbell is connected to your phone via the app, and the house via Wi-Fi. These doorbells not only help in taking great quality videos of any external elements, but in the process, keep you informed.

To Conclude

Oregon is borderline notorious for housing crimes, which makes it all the more important for you to equip your house with the greatest safety options. While the other aforementioned elements are used to make your life in Oregon simpler, the Nest and the Doorbell are to make it safer!