Using Home Automation to Create a Gaming Experience

Technology has changed so much and continues to do so at quite a pace. We’ve gone from the remote control being the next best thing to not even having to press a button to get what we want. Part of that development in tech has also developed the way in which we enjoy some of our favorite hobbies.

Video gaming has gone from something that many saw as an unsociable, solo experience with Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario being our only digital friends, to it feeling like our actual buddies are almost with us in our rooms via online gaming on the internet. Connecting with our nearest and dearest via the internet to enjoy gaming become so popular and inclusive that there has even been a 200% increase in the number of over 60s getting involved over the past few years. And even if people aren’t picking up a controller or keyboard, many are immersing themselves in the experience, as there’s been an 83% growth in people watching gaming online.

Online gaming doesn't just incorporate blasting away with guns around a map; it can be a wide range of other genres too. For instance, online poker has experienced a rise and it is very popular in states that allow it these days. You don't just have to be playing poker for real money either; it might be a free game over something like Zynga Poker, sociable and with friends with no stakes. Online gaming has certainly progressed over the past decade, and home automation has as well.

We can speak to our smart devices to turn on lights, even switch on the coffee machine, and now while we’re gaming, we can even get our smart home devices to answer the doorbell without having to leave our chair. After all, who wants to have to leave the screen in the middle of an online gaming session? You can’t pause things while you’re in the heat of battle or just tell everyone to hang on for a moment while you’re playing poker online; that moment of distraction could be the difference between success or a very bad beat. If that’s been an issue in the past, then worry no more because, with these home automation tips, we can help you avoid those unnecessary interruptions and also raise your game to the next level.

Remove network niggles

The key to any home automation system is to have a strong network. If you think this doesn’t add to the immersive experience, consider it this way. If you’ve got a poor connection, it may well be that your smart devices are hogging the bandwidth, and then you miss that decisive play as the connection lags. As you can see, having a solid network that you can rely upon is vital.


Getting the lighting right in your gaming space really does up the ante, and with smart lighting, you can easily set the mood. You can go from the brightly lit room into a low-lit space, so your focus is where it needs to be in an instant. Different ambient colors are something you could utilize to help your play. If you’re looking for an intense poker session, try green accents around the screen, as it’s said to be an excellent color to help you remain calm, or red if you’re looking to get pumped up for an adrenalin-filled race on Forza Horizon.

Sound of success

There’s no doubt that feelings can be heightened with sound, and that level of immersion is ramped up even further with surround sound. Some games like Unchartered have epic video sequences, many of which have even been compared to Hollywood blockbusters; therefore, having a good Dolby Atmos system will evoke that big-budget feeling that the developers want you to experience.

Entertainment modes

The literal full house in home automation comes when you connect all the smart devices together to work in unison. What could be better than having that one option on your HomeKit set to gaming? When selected, the system locks the doors, closes the blinds, turns on the amplifier, and clicks that lighting into game mode, leaving you just to sit and fully concentrate on the task at hand. You could go even further and set the options to suit both physical and digital games. Were you thinking of inviting your buddies round for a poker night? Then a poker night automation would see the lights on with much brighter, white lights for everyone to see the cards at the table, maybe even turn on a little ambient music too? Most automation systems allow for multiple options, so the only limiting factor is your imagination!