Smart Home Networks and Security

Smart homes depend on a variety of technologies and protocols that provide communication and connectivity between our devices. These expert guides and explainers provide you the information you need to understand, troubleshoot, and secure your home network for safe and reliable operation.

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Protocols and Technologies

Network and application protocols are the standards that allow different devices and ecosystems to talk to each other. These explainers cover the most popular technologies to a level that will enable the smart home enthusiast to understand what’s going on under the hood, and what the various technical terminology means.

Check your WiFi password strength

The last line of defense for your home network is your WiFi password. Learn how it can be attacked and how strong it should be to minimize the risks.

Why a password manager is essential

Smart homes inevitably need many accounts for smart devices, hubs, cloud services, and more. Using unique, strong passwords is a must for security. These tools makes it easy.

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Implementing Your Network

Designing your network

Learn how to design a segregated network to protect your data from insecure smart devices.

Amazon Sidewalk: Should you opt out?

A look at the security of Amazon’s sidewalk service for local redundant connectivity.

Don’t make these router mistakes

Many people don’t get basic router security. Make sure you avoid these common security fails.

Set up VLANs on your home network

VLANs provide a way to segregate devices of different trust levels. Learn how this works.

Security News

Awareness of security incidents and threats help us to keep on top of issues that might impact the security of our smart homes. These articles cover things that we should keep an eye on or take action to resolve when relevant.