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Having spent over 20 years designing, building, and supporting tech solutions for my customers I’ve now turned my attention to the smart home. There’s a lot to love with home automation, but there’s also a lot of bad information, shoddy security practices and downright nasty gadgets out there.

I’ve put my experience to work for you to cut through the noise, go deeper into the workings of the tech, and get real, actionable data on smart home products to help you on your journey, and to do it safely.

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Why did I start LinkdHOME?

I’ve always had a love of technology since I was very young. I attribute this to my late father, an electronics buff and early adopter of personal computing. Naturally I drifted into a career in IT, and have since helped thousands of people solve their technology problems. As that technology surged into our homes, I saw an opportunity to help people sort through the maze of consumer gadgets and offer expert guidance to building a safe and effective smart home.

- David Mead, Founder

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